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Nevah, Great Falls MT

I was nervous when I walked into my first class, but I have been coming back ever since! It has always been a positive and welcoming environment. I would attend a class everyday if I could! Sage is a wonderful instructor who can make anyone at any level of their yoga journey feel comfortable.

Kayla Blanchard, Great Falls MT

Sage’s classes have been a bright spot in my day every since I started coming to her class. She is so supportive, positive, and creative in her classes and I love doing something different in every class! She is always so excited to share what she has thought up and her classes push me to get better in my practice. I have learned a lot from Sage and I will continue to learn something new in each class!

Laurel Trzinski, Great Falls MT

I have been privileged to work with and take classes with Sage for some time now: She is an amazing person and her dedication to being a positive example on and off the mat makes her my first choice for any style of yoga class. Her knowledge base is amazing and she has no problem modifying a pose that was difficult for me. I really appreciate that she asks if anyone's experiencing pain so she can provide further relief with additional stretches or an addition to a pose to help. My favorite thing about her classes is her humor and how she brings in her personality to make classes fun. Yoga was new for me and I walked in feeling uncomfortable and awkward: then left feeling accomplished and uplifted. You have to take her classes!

Virgina Carter, Director of FitRepublic Montana

Sage is an incredible yoga instructor with a creative and enthusiastic mindset. She is patient, kind, and overall a very comfortable person to be around. She pushes you in ways you could’ve never imagined and allows for an open-minded space. Her flows are unlike any other class I’ve gone to. Seeing her face every time I walk in brings joy to me and my heart!

Lauren McMahon, Great Falls MT

Sage is an incredible yoga instructor. She has a deep enthusiasm for yoga that she shares so generously with her students. Her creativity is endless, bringing new yoga flows into her classes continuously. She is a tremendous asset to the Great Falls yoga community!

Teresa Ormseth, Great Falls, MT

Sage’s energy is infectious. Her classes are welcoming and she always greets everyone with kindness. I have been attending her classes for over 7 months and my own practice has grown right along side her. Whether attending a yin or vinyasa class Sage challenges the body physically and mentally. Her dedication to making yoga more accessible for our community is evident in all things she does. Sage is inspiring 💜

Sonja Singelstad, Great Falls MT

Sage's yoga classes are always the brightest part of my day. She is so sweet and encouraging. From the moment you step on the mat you know she puts her heart and soul into what she does. I highly recommend giving one of her classes a try!

Chelsie Thornton, Great Falls MT

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