Free Vinyasa Flow @ GF Rec Center

Free Vinyasa Flow @ GF Rec Center

About this Class:

In April of 2022 I moved to Great Falls and everyone  greeted me with such cheer and a welcoming vibe. I simply wanted to offer something back and continue on my journey of making yoga accessible for everyone.  So, every Sunday at 10AM I offer free yoga for this amazing community I have grown to love. We meet at Gibson Park by the band shell.

This is an easier Vinyassa Flow great for all ages at any level. We spend the first 20 minutes waking up the body with some light stretching and sun salutations.  We spend the next 20 minutes flowing through our warriors, ending with an active stretch to cool our bodies down, and finishing with a 3-5 minute guided meditation. I am so beyond thankful for the Great Falls community  for making this possible every Sunday. Please spread the word and join us at Gibson Park.

What to Bring:

Please bring water and a yoga mat.

How to Register / Cost:

No need to register.  Cost is FREE!

Additional Questions?

Please contact with any questions you may have.