About Sage

My journey on the mat began with a car accident. I flipped my Suburban three and a half times diagonally, with no seat belt on. (I know; what a choice on a day of chaos.) I then spent seven months in a neck brace, followed by physical therapy. I was introduced to yoga at a spirtual retreat in southern California and I began to learn the basics.

It wasn’t until my big brother / hero, suggested that I start practicing yoga with him. (With a history of participating in extreme sports, his own back was shot… until he began practicing yoga.) He frequented a beautiful studio run by an angel named Andrea. Off I went, loving the time on Tuesday & Thursday mornings with my big brother, and Andrea’s flows were magical. These two days quickly became something I looked forward to every day. I remember thinking “Is it Tuesday yet?”. I couldn’t wait to see him and have our time in the studio together.

Not knowing Sanskrit names for postures, I began to learn from a Goddess named Leah, I followed her movements and began to learn the names and what the different poses were. She has had a profound effect on my flexibility and my practice itself & continues to inspire me to this day. I spent a year and a half learning and growing on and off the mat, I had found what I was looking for my entire life, I found myself, my practice, my light, and my breath.

And then the romance started… I fell in love with yoga – the practice, the breath, the moments of pause. I found more and more reasons to schedule work and meetings around my yoga schedule.

It became clear that it was time to start my own yoga studies. Through the process I would weave in my own personal experience, including all its ups and downs, and things that no one thinks they will survive. Practicing yoga saved my life. 

Learning the fundamentals and philosophies of yoga, I fell even more in love with it. It is hard to explain how much I felt connected to the breath… to the movement… to the emotions I experienced while I was on the mat. 

After much study and practice, I received my certification as a Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist, with a specialty in Yoga Nidra, not knowing when or what would happen next, I just knew something was coming. The next day two of my dear friends suggested we meet for Yoga at Gibson Park on Sunday’s and it began to quickly grow and everyone in town was invited. I just wanted to give back to this amazing community as much as it has given to me. Next, my dear friend Lauren told me about a new hot yoga studio in town looking for instructors. I was new to town, so I just walked into the studio, thinking one very important thing: that I loved yoga and I wanted to share it with the world. Maybe, I could help someone else use yoga as a tool, as much as it has helped me. I am truly thankful to Habit, in Great Falls, MT, for giving me my first opportunity to teach and to learn from amazing instructors.

The passion that I have for sharing yoga with the world propels me to continue to grow, learn, and expand my practice on and off the mat. Savasana has always been my favorite pose, and it is there there that I fully connect with myself on many different levels, and I want to share that contentment with everyone.

Thank you all so very much, and I look forward to practicing on the mat with you soon!

I send you love and light, from my soul – Sage Guinn